http://julieanneeason.com/robots.txt We, Confidence Associates Ltd; is one of the reputed Trading, Indenting, & Import House from Bangladesh. We situates in a prime location in Dhaka. We are operating our Business successfully from a decade in Textile sector. We believe that, the journey has just started and we continually seek ways to improve our products, services and overall customer satisfaction.


As an innovative company in its every respective sector, our strong concentration is to capture the major market share in respective field with satisfaction of customer and establish our company as the role model company in Bangladesh.

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Through our operational activities and utmost responsibilities, Our Company becomes not only reputed in Bangladesh, but also well-known internationally. According to the present condition, we have 32 staff strength with 10 sales executive & 11 Service Engineers in our team whose are satisfying our customers with their responsibilities and hard work.


http://teridegler.com/inspiration-corner/ Our main objective is, “To Create Satisfied customer/End user”

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